Director's Message

Message From the Desk of Director

Heartiest welcome to a new enlightened and awakened world.

Ameer Memorial Public School, Kunda is an endeavor to provide quality education and to spread the light of awareness among one and all to illumine the path of learners. Education at AMPS does not include academics and activities alone but encompasses its own set of ethos that are an integral part of the lives of the learners and the teachers .It is a place where learners desirous of acquiring knowledge come together and gain insight to direct their lives in different directions .

AMPS is not just another School but it is a centre of excellence , both in academics and activities and helps in providing a global perspective to the learners. AMPS shall provide opportunities for learners to discovers their inherent talents and articulate them, so that they can be applied elsewhere .

We will prepare today’s students to be tomorrow innovators .Our education will inspire change, turning limitless imagination into reality.

Your choice will offer an infinite number of possibilities , preparing the students for almost any career .

Whatever they want to learn, they will learn it here at a truly great centre of learning .

Warm Regards.

Mr. Kabir Ahmad

Mr. Kabir Ahmad